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Sami Environmental Program

The Sami Parliament adopted an environmental program in February 2009, revised 2021, that will inspire to the preservation of a sound living environment.

Sami Environmental Program
From a Sami perspective, all questions are environmental questions – since the environment touches on all aspects of our lives and our surroundings.

Our goal
Our goal is a sound and sustainable Sami living environment. We wish to live in a viable Sápmi rooted in a sound nature and a living Sami culture. Man and nature shall have a long-term capability to renew themselves and sustainably further develop – even in times of considerable changes. Both nature and culture in Sápmi shall feel enriching for the rest of the world.

View of nature
The Sami view of nature as an animated, living being stands in strong contrast to the Western view of nature. Our view of nature has characterized our values, customs, social structures and relationships. Our view of life builds our common core value that is reflected in the Sami language. Sápmi is our home. If we – or someone else – destroy its nature, our culture is destroyed as well.

For the long-term
The traditional livelihoods have found their starting points in long-termness. If the natural conditions give way in a particular area, there was the possibility to use alternative resources so that the weakened resources were given the chance to recuperate. During the same time as modern materials, new technology and vehicles have come to be a part of our lives, the natural conditions have changed.

Positive and negative changes
For us who have lived off of reindeer husbandry, hunting, fishing, handicrafts and small-scale agriculture, the changes have greatly affected our living patterns. The modern life brings with it positive changes and necessary technical aids. These are welcomed changes and are integrated in our lives and our activities. At the same time, it is important that we differentiate between those innovations that facilitate in a positive way and those innovations that make us more dependent on the global economy and access to oil, while they drain nature.

Overall perspective
From our overall perspective, it is clear to direct attention to the underlying causes to climate changes such as, for example, industrialization, globalization, our lifestyle, our consumption habits, the continued large-scale exploitation of natural resources, etc.

The objective of the Sami Parliament’s environmental program is to create a starting point for all of the Parliament’s operations, establish goals for a sustainable and viable Sami living environment and inspire with our Sami environmental view and our taking of initiative.

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